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10 Top Reasons To Invest In Cyprus

Cyprus being an European Union Member State having highly qualified and multilingual labour force with the lowest EU corporate tax rate are one of the many reasons you should invest in cyprus


Lowest Corporate Tax rate in the EU of 12.5%

Exemption from Tax:
Dividend income
Profits from overseas permanent establishments Dividend

No withholding Tax on:
Dividend income
Interest and royalties paid from Cyprus

Double Taxation Agreements
Cyprus has developed a wide network of Double Tax agreements with 47 countries, ensuring that the same income is not taxed in more than one country. Cyprus is in the stage of negotiating the conclusion or awaiting ratification of Double Taxation Agreements with several more countries.

Cyprus Tax Incentives
Also the following incentives can be considered:

1. Lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at 12.5% on worldwide income.
2. Extensive double tax treaties network enabling considerable tax advantages.
3. Full utilization of losses on company and group level.
4. No tax on profits from the sale of securities.
5. No tax on dividend income emanating from Cyprus and received by non tax-residents of Cyprus.
6. No tax in Cyprus on profits from a permanent establishment outside Cyprus subject to certain conditions.
7. No tax on profits as a result of group re-organizations subject to certain conditions.
8. No exchange controls on the movement of capital and payments.

International Trusts
Cyprus International Trusts are widely used as a vehicle for international tax planning, offering the following tax advantages:
Income and gains of a Cyprus International Trust, derived from sources outside Cyprus are exempt from any tax imposed in Cyprus under certain conditions.